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stirring through the night any one else? Lock Rss

since i had kayden i am a heaps lighter sleeper, and any noise he makes i wake up, and sometimes i can get straight back to sleep but other nights its impossible! he stirs and does this thing where he rubs the back of his head on the sheet making a whole heap of rustling noises and sometimes it could go on for about 10minutes.

other times he might just start doing little noises, sometimes he might let out a cry, but its over nothing and goes back to sleep... what is this caused by? and how can i or can i prevent it from happening? -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I have been sleeping abit lighter for the last few days - don't ask me why - and I have noticed Akina talks in her sleep and when she wakes up and moves about. She likes to sleep with her head tucked snuggly in the cornor of the cot so she has to physically get up and move to roll over. She makes the cutest little noises. She also will let out a solitary cry normally followed by a farty fart. I long for the day she will sleep in her own room, I long even more for the day I can move her cot into her own room and not miss having my little girl close by.


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