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Length of Sleeps Rss

Hello Ladies,

As each month goes by I'm wondering how many sleeps per day your baby takes and how long they sleep.

Our daughter is just over 7 months old now and I'm looking for a guide between 7-12 months of what is the "norm".



This is what Kathy Fray (author of "Oh Baby") says:

"However, the subject of parents directing infant sleep habits is a topic rife with controversy and oozing with “expert” opinions. But a good first place to start is to have a clearish understanding of how much sleep is “Normal” (bearing in mind that the only one thing we can truly name as “Normal” is a cycle on a Washing Machine).
Here goes…

Expect a Newborn to sleep about 16-20 hours in every 24 (of say 6-8 sleeps of 2-3 hours); with the evening sleep increasing by about a month old (to due date) of one 5-6 hour sleep at night (say 10pm-4am).
Expect a 2-3 month old to sleep about 15-18 hours in every 24, with about half of that at night (eg 7-8 hours overnight by 7-9 weeks of age, and say 9-11 hours overnight by 3-4 months), and the rest of Bub’s sleep as three day-sleeps of say 1½-3 hours each.
Expect a 4-6 month old to sleep about 15-17 hours in every 24, with about two-thirds of that at night (say 10-12 hours overnight by 16-24 weeks, eg 8pm-6am), and the rest as 2-3 day-sleeps of say 2-2½ hours each.
Expect a 6-8 month old to sleep about 15-16 hours in every 24, with about 10-12 hours of that overnight (say 8pm-6am), and the rest as a morning and afternoon day-sleep, each of say 1½-2½ hours each.
Expect a 9-12 month old to sleep about 14-15 hours in every 24, with about 11-12 hours of that overnight (say 7pm-6am), and the rest as two short day-sleeps (say 1½-2 hours), or one long day-sleep (say 3-4 hours).
Expect a 12-18 month old to sleep about 14-15 hours in every 24, including a 3-4 hour afternoon sleep, and say 10-12 hours overnight. (The day-sleep is usually finally dropped between the ages of 2-4 years.) "

Hope this helps.

Im sure every baby is different, and sleeps different amounts.
We follow the Tizzie Hall routine and it fits our DD really well.
She says that for a baby from 6 - 8.5 months this should be their routine. (this is what my DD does at the moment).
Sleep 9-11am
Sleep 1-3
And nap at 430 - 515 (from about 7 months she says they may not want this every day).
PLus sleep overnight 7-7....

This is the routine for a bub 9-12 months
Sleep 930-11
Sleep 130-3
Overnight - 7-7...

Hope this helps.
Hey there, my son is nearly 7 months old, I was so worried when he began rolling onto his side/tummy during sleep, that I even bought a Safe-T sleep wrap to stop him from rolling, run 3 online and they're expensive!! I don't even use it now, I never really did, when they are old enough to roll on thier own and lift thier head up by themselves they are fine to sleep in whatever position they like. My son has been tummy/side sleeping since about 4 months. He sleeps a lot better like this, I think it must be more comfy. I know it's worrying, but he should be fine. I wouldn't bother with sleep positioners, as you'll probly waste your money and won't even use it.
My son is now 4.5 years old and sleeps 1 time a day, usually after lunch.
My daughter is 3 years old and sleeps 2 times every day. He sleeps 1 hour each time.
Thank you very much for the information you provided. I hope my baby sleeps well.
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I don't have a baby yet. I'm 6 months married, I want a baby and I'm so
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