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8mth old screams to sleep!!! Lock Rss

I have a 8 month old baby girl and she was really easy to get to slee untill 1 week ago.All of a sudden she just screams and screams for hours and then just drifts of. It has been really difficult as i have a 2 and a half year old going to sleep at the same time. i dont want to have to nurse her as my son started like that and now sleeps in our bed.

Any tips would be great
I have a 9mth old and the past 2 nights she has been screaming her little head off as well. She has been sleeping through for a while and goes to sleep straight away. May be it is just a little phase they go through!! Both nights my husband has gone in there and rocked her to sleep while I change her drenched sheets. I don't want her getting used to this though!! I understand what your going through. Good luck. One thing that has been different is that she has been sleeping heaps more during the day, maybe too much. I woke her up twice today. See how that goes tonight!!
Hi i have the same problem my 5 month old screams when it is time to go to sleep, but he has been doing this since he was born i have tryed everything the only thing that gets him to sleep is if i walk the lounge room with him and what is worse im the only one that can get him to sleep. it is really frustrating. if you find something that works please let me know...

I hope everything works out for you, iv had no luck as yet...

Nici Qld 6 Month old baby boy Nate!!!

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