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How much is a 5 month old ment to sleep during the day??? Lock Rss

Hi my 5 month old sleeps alot during the day. he is only awake half an hour between sleeps and his sleeps last around an hour or two then he sleeps for 12 hours at night, i have to wake him up to give him his solids. Is this normal for a 5 month old or should i be worried???? :~

Nici Qld 6 Month old baby boy Nate!!!

HI there,

When my daughter was 5 months she would normally be up for an hour and a half (including feed time) and then would sleep for 1 and half to two hours. Have you ttried to keep him up for longer? If you do does he get grumpy? I'm not a professional or anything but it does sound a bit odd maybe try and keep him up a little longer or ask your child health nurse.

Ella's mumma
Hi Nici
I wouldn't be worried about your son's sleep. My boy is 5 months aswell, born 29.03.05 and he is only awake at the most 90 mins between his sleeps. I have a routine given to me by a sleep doctor in Adelaide and he recommends that bubs should not be kept awake longer than they want to and put down within one hour after a feed. If he is happy then let him go. Lachlan has three sleeps during the day two 90 to 120 mins and cat nap before dinner. The only annoying thing is when relatives come over to visit I wont allow him to be kept awake because he gets really grumpy.

Mandy, SA 1mth baby

My little princess can sleep between 1-3 hour blocks during the day. She is usually awake for 2 hours in between. I haven't really worked out why she varies so much. She always has big sleeps on cold miserable days - but who doesn't want to snuggle in bed then. No matter what she does in the day, her night time sleep is pretty much always the same.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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