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Tizzie Hall routine for 10mth old Lock Rss

hi there everyone.
i have had many issues with sleeping (& severe gastro-reflux until Ben was 7.5mths)
i am really really keen to finally get my son onto one of tizzies routines, but at this stage can't financially buy one from her web site.
i was wondering if there is anyone out there kind enough to provide me with a copy or detailed outline of the 24hr routine she suggests???
at the moment my son is dependent on his dummy to go to sleep & is waking frequently through the night for it to be replaced. he is also still having a 4am bottle (we only just weaned from the boob month and a half ago, back then he was feeding 10pm, 2am, 5am then awake at 6-7am ) if anyone could help me i would be eternally grateful!! as i'm sure all you other sleep-deprived & frustrated parents understand! thanks again. hayley & ben.
[email protected]

SA mum to Ben (10/04) Rianan (7/06) #3 due 14 dec

Hayley & Ben
I can help you both. I will e-mail you the routine you are looking for but you will need to take Ben's dummy from him first Hayley before the routine will work. I had to do the same for my daughter.

Deb,PER, 14mth Baby

Dear Hayley,
I hope you can help us... Did you use do tizzies routines, did it work? I got 10 months old son, he doesn't use dummy but ussing me as a dummy. I am so tired. Wakes up ever so often, won't go to sleep every time I have to feed him. I Forget how was night time sllep like!!! Can you please send me coppy of routine. I hope it worked for you. Many thanks. Handan & Oliver
[email protected]

Cairns, 29 Oct. 04 Oliver

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