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Light sleeper Lock Rss

Hi all,
My 7 mth girl is such a light sleeper. When she was new we could have conversations while standing over her cot, etc but by about 2 months she became so alert that when hubby or I would roll over in bed the noise of the sheets moving would wake her up! So we moved her into her own room, but we still have to creep around all the time when she's sleeping.
Sometimes she's so bad that when I open the bread she wakes up and won't go back to sleep.
It makes it very hard as we live in a small 2br unit (oh for a house!) and also we get so much noise from other people in the unit block (there's one particular lunatic who lives below us!).
I've tried having music in her room, etc but she won't go to sleep at all. Does anyone else have this problem?

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

hi i sure do my5 month boy is a really light sleeper, it takes so long to get him to sleep to start with, then once he is asleep i have to tip toe around the house. Even if i take his washing into his room and put it on the floor he stires. its annoying if we have friends over i am constantly saying please keep your voices down..
i have no idea how to make him not wake up to every little noise, so if you find a solution please let me know.
Good luck.. smile

Nici Qld 6 Month old baby boy Nate!!!

Hi Ladies
I agree with Jennine. Since Hannah has been born I have had a radio on in her room but as your babies are older start as Jennine has suggested with radio on very low and on static so you can only just hear it. While baby is up have the radio of TV on low for the first 3-4 days so baby/child is used to constant noise while awake. Hannah still has the radio on in her room (as a little baby it was quite loud) but I have now turned it back to only just on. With time you will ultimately turn it up slowly every now and then so that baby gets used to sleeping with noise. Turn on your washing machine and vaccum during the day say 5-10 mins after putting baby down and have the radio on in the kitchen. Invite someone round for a chat when baby is due to go to bed. You need to slowly turn up the noise in the flat. No matter what changes you make with baby the first 3-4 days are always the worst. Let baby have a little cry to begin with if you know its time for sleep before you go in.
Good Luck

Deb,PER, 14mth Baby

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