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Waking at night again Lock Rss

my little one is now waking up at night again. She is 16 weeks and up untill now use to sleep 7 hours.
She now wakes up once or twice a night after what is ment to be her last feed.

I have tried to feed her more at her last feed. I am breastfeeding and up untill now have always thought i had a good supply.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why she is waking again?

hi well her teeth could be starting to move around under her gums this can start to happen at around 4mths of age sometimes earlier is she showing any sighns of teething eg.sucking her fists,dribbling lots,chewing anything she can get her hands on etc.
my daughter used to sleep fine to until she started teething and she has only just got her first tooth the other day.
or the other thing is she could be abit more hungry now and she might need a little bit of rice cereal to satisfy her abit more my daughter was on solids at 3mths cause she was a very hungry baby anyway goodluck let me know how you go seeya nat
I'd say your little girl is going through a growth spurt, this happens around 3 to 4 months of age and they require extra feeding to satisfy their growth requirements. Dont worry about your milk supply I'm sure theres plenty as her constant feeds are encouraging more milk to be produced. Give it a couple of weeks and by then she should have settled down to her normal routine once your milk supply is keeping up with her demand.
Thank you for your replys

You have made my mind rest alittle. I'm just going to wait it out and feed her more. It sounds like she could be growing and maybe itchy gums as well
My 15 week old daughter has been sleeping 10-12 hours a night, usually waking up about 9am. But last week she started waking up at 4 or 5 in the morning and not settling back to sleep unless we fed her or took her for a drive in the car.
I'm pretty sure that she was waking up because she was cold as she has started moving around in her cot more. She kicks off all her blankets and moves up to the top of her cot and turns her self upside down! I'm going to try using a safe-T-sleep, or a sleeping bag.
I have also started increasing her feeds, particulrly her last feed as I think she was going through a growth spurt.
I found that when I was breast feeding I always had a lower supply in the evening as she wanted more frequent feeding then, and she couldn't always get enough. As I now feed her expressed milk in bottles she can always get enough when she wants it. You could try giving a bottle of formula, but that won't help to increase your supply. If you have enough milk during the day you could try expressing some to top her up at that last feed until your supply increases.

Rochelle, NZ, baby girl born 22.10.2003

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