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Hi Everyone, Just to let you know our nutritionist Leanne Cooper, is ready to answer your questi...

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My son is 8 months old and we really struggle to get him to eat any solids. We've tried farex, weetbix, sweet potato, pumpkin, carro...


Miss 6 months HATES food

Hi all. I have a 6 month old daughter that is exclusively breastfed. She refuses to eat anything....

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Have a google of 'baby led weaning', there is loads of info on the web. I have done this with both my boys, and found it ...


textures of solids/solids

Hi all! I was just wondering at what age did your baby start chewing and moving on to chunkier ...

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Bella Barb

Starting Solids

Hi everyone, at what age did you start solids?

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probably around 5-6 months starting with Farex, then after 6 months moved on to weetbix with milk and fruit purees.

Making homemade teething rusks?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone made there own teething rusks. I've tried one recipe which was 1...

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125g rice flour 1 mashed banana bake 180 degress 35-40 mins allow to cool can be frozen- helps with teething to cool gums other ...


Struggling with solids

Hi there. I'm struggling with my 12 month old not eating solids very well. When I say solid...

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bottle aversion

hi there-im looking for some help and support. my 16 week old baby has feeding difficulty with bo...

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Hi there just wondering how you're getting along? This story mirrors ours. My DD is now 8 months and our struggle started at 1...


When should solids be introduced?

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How to tell when your baby is ready for solids

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What to feed him!?

HI mums anyone have any fun recipes for bubs or anything new I can feed him!? I'm great in ...

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Oh I hear you! I found this book a huge help


Starting solids - what are your bub's favourite foods so far?

What has been a hit and what has been a miss with your little one?

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Cooking apples

Hello mums out there! My little Marina loves her fruit. I have tried to cook a couple of types o...

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its so delicious thanks so much u can get many recipes here on :


starting tasting foods at 12 weeks

FTM here, my lovely little man was born at 37w6d 5pound 4ounces with low blood sugar, low body te...

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Each bub is different. My son took over 6 months for him to build up to a decent amount of solids and continued wanting milk in pref...

Considering starting 3 month old on solids

Hi, My son has just turned 3 months and I am considering offering him a small amount of rice cere...

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I'm a new FTM and both the midwives at the hospital and community as well as plunket advised me that the guide line of 4-6month...


What were the first foods you started your little one on?

Tell us what they loved or hated!

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