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Hi Everyone, Just to let you know our nutritionist Leanne Cooper, is ready to answer your questi...

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My son is 8 months old and we really struggle to get him to eat any solids. We've tried farex, weetbix, sweet potato, pumpkin, carro...


Bleeding nipples

I have a four month old who won't attach to my breast so I have been expressing my milk and ...

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Starting solids

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When should babies start solids?

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Food suggestions for starting solids

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CMPA bub showing signs of wanting solids but

my 6mths old was finally diagnosed with CMPA (cows milk protein allergy) after he screamed for 4 ...

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What do you think about baby led weaning?

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Advice please!

Hiya. Just wondering if there is anyone else who has experience with 9 month old baby that has no...

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Some baby's won't eat until after a year old. If baby can't swallow or gags, she is probably not ready. But that'...

Considering starting 3 month old on solids

Hi, My son has just turned 3 months and I am considering offering him a small amount of rice cere...

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Baby's lack the ability to digest food besides breast milk. Formula is second best. It's really not advisable to give a ba...


My one year old has stopped eating !

Hi all My one year old has just stopped eating about 3 weeks ago. He is only eating small pieces ...

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After the age of six months, a child needs solid food as the milk is not enough for the child?s growing requirements. Ideally, a bab...


Getting baby started on solids? Read this first!

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8 month old has started gagging and spewing up solids.

Hi My 8 month old boy has been on solids from 4 1/2 months and doing reasonably well with them. ...

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Thanks Storm_Davis I gave him a week of Just letting him play and try and feed himself and am now slowly easing back into feeding hi...


6mth son drinks only 400ml per day

Grr... My DS is 6 mnths, I am lucky if I can get 400-500mls into him each day. His weight is ju...

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Isn't it awful, and so worrying. I can assure you that they will be fine though, my boy is a 3yr old toddler now, full of energ...


Weaning from breast to bottle or sippy cup

Hi all. My boy is 10.5months old. He has never taken to drinking from a bottle. At the moment he ...

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Baby gulping, leaking milk out the side of his mouth and coughing during feeds

Maybe try a slower flow teat. Perhaps have bub's palate checked by doctor.

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Miss 6 months HATES food

Hi all. I have a 6 month old daughter that is exclusively breastfed. She refuses to eat anything....

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Some babies just don’t like starting solids. But it doesn't’t mean they won’t like the food. Feeding now is very different from...


Is my son ready for solids??

Hey Everyone, So I'm super undecided whether my son is ready for solids or not. So his 4 1/...

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Maybe she is beginning to awaken more often at night or eat more often than “usual” and you wonder if introducing solid foods may be...

Bella Barb

Starting Solids

Hi everyone, at what age did you start solids?

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My son started tasting food at 2 months but not priloperly eating meals until 3 months. He now eats anything... absolutely loves food.


What were the first foods you started your little one on?

Tell us what they loved or hated!

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My son was 2 months old when he tried ice cream and watermelon. At 3 months he was having weetbix and puree fruit (apple, pear and b...


textures of solids/solids

Hi all! I was just wondering at what age did your baby start chewing and moving on to chunkier ...

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Making homemade teething rusks?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone made there own teething rusks. I've tried one recipe which was 1...

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125g rice flour 1 mashed banana bake 180 degress 35-40 mins allow to cool can be frozen- helps with teething to cool gums other ...


Struggling with solids

Hi there. I'm struggling with my 12 month old not eating solids very well. When I say solid...

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bottle aversion

hi there-im looking for some help and support. my 16 week old baby has feeding difficulty with bo...

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Hi there just wondering how you're getting along? This story mirrors ours. My DD is now 8 months and our struggle started at 1...


When should solids be introduced?

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How to tell when your baby is ready for solids

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What to feed him!?

HI mums anyone have any fun recipes for bubs or anything new I can feed him!? I'm great in ...

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Oh I hear you! I found this book a huge help


Starting solids - what are your bub's favourite foods so far?

What has been a hit and what has been a miss with your little one?

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Cooking apples

Hello mums out there! My little Marina loves her fruit. I have tried to cook a couple of types o...

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its so delicious thanks so much u can get many recipes here on :


starting tasting foods at 12 weeks

FTM here, my lovely little man was born at 37w6d 5pound 4ounces with low blood sugar, low body te...

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Each bub is different. My son took over 6 months for him to build up to a decent amount of solids and continued wanting milk in pref...


Tongue tied and chewing!

Hey there, my 16 month old has tongue tie which was not corrected when she was little because I c...

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My friend’s son has got it snipped when he was around 4 months old. He is now 3.5 and has no problem in chewing, swallowing. He spea...


Skin reaction

Hi I just started my 4 month old baby girl in Heinz Apple purée today and after three spoons she ...

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This first time I gave puree apple to my daughter she violently vomited and went all limp afterwards and almost gave me a heart atta...


travel and bottlefeeding help?

hello everybody, looking for advice on travelling with my son who will be 4 months old (and bottl...

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I have just bought Cherub Baby glass baby bottles to suit you and your baby. They are all 100% BPA free so they are the safest choic...


When did you start your baby on solids?

What foods did they enjoy the most to begin with?

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Enjoying Solids

For my kids the introduction of solids was met with some reluctance. A few months in however and ...

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What do you think about baby led weaning?

Too messy? Or have you found it to be a rewarding experience? What did you find worked best for you?

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When to start baby on solids?

Hi all, my son will be 4 months on the 26th of this month, I'm just wondering when did you s...

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There's some great practical tips on starting solids here: Also we've ...


Baby Led Weaning Advice for a Newbie

Hi Mummies, I'm looking for your stories on how you started your bub on BLW. My DS2 is a lit...

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We have a great article on our site on Baby Led Weaning which you might be interested in Good luck! Huggies Moderator


Please help..1st bday party food

Hi, It's my son's 1st bday party in two weeks time. I would like to know based on the ...

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Hi, Although I have never frozen brownie my Mum and Sisters have frozen brownie before and it has still been fine to eat. Cheesy...


what age did you start solids for your preemie

Hello Could i get general ages on when you started your preemie on solids in both corrected and...

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My son was 5 weeks prem and I started him on solids at 5.5 months (actual age). We started with pumpkin

dancing queen

8 month old feeding routine

I have an 8 month old breastfed baby who is offered milk before food. When do I begin to offer fo...

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Hi, I have done baby led weaning with both of my boys. DS2 is 11 months and has only started eating any real amount in the last week...