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cant find robinsons baby food!! Lock Rss

hi, i live in northern nsw and my daughter loves robinsons creamy porridge and rice pudding but our supermarkets aren't selling it any more can any one tell me where i can by some. please!!!!!
I'm in Qld but I saw it at my local IGA. I hope you've got one there. If not let me know and I'll find an order number or something for you!
hi well i think they have stopped making it because one day i went to the shop and it was all put out cheap and it said something about that line is finished so maybe they have stopped making it pretty sure they have.
I use to use it sometimes, but i only ever found it in the chemist! I am in NSW, so hopefully this is your answer.


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

thanks for your help, i will be looking in my chemist and at iga. i will let you know if i find it. thanks again for letting me know!!
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