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Has anyone has any problems with any of the baby can foods? I brought a few. I'm going to feed my baby for the first time. I brought all different ones, but I have read that you should only give your baby one type of food for 4 days straight to see any there's any reaction. Is that very necessary do you think. It is common sense. I am just thinking I wasted money now on the cans. I should have brought 4 of the same. Do others agreed? I can go buy 4 more of the same. I know I should cook my own food instead of wasting money on the can food, but I thought I'll give it a go and it was on special.

If you would like to try a food at a time is personal choice. I started my son on home cooked vegies, just a combo of sweet potato, carrot & pumpkin and then slowly add in diff veges and now I add meat. I started given him tinned food for something diff before I tried to make it that way I didn't waste a heap as I cook enough for a week at a time. I still buy tinned food though if we are going out aswell as the jar custard as I found the custart powder that heinz do put out made my son sick as you have to get the formulation right and if I went my the directions it was to gluggy. Good Luck, but I have found that every thing is trial and error, and at the end of the day its what you feel comfortable doing.

i agree also that its trial and error, my ds vomits every time he has the heinz custards dosen't matter what flavour he is 7 months...but the veggie ones he is fine with.
You will no once they have eaten it event he first time of there reaction..good luck

I think the whole point is that commercial food is fine but their little tums are only used to liquid so you want to introduce foods home cooked or otherwise, slowly incase there is a reaction to a food. my baby was quite sick on potato!! who would have thought?? the idea of slow introduction over 3-5 days is that you start with a teaspoon of the new food with a portion of already tolerated food incase there is a reaction. if the offending food was limited then obvioulsy the potential reaction will be minor.

if you have bought a heinz combo of sweet potato and pumpkin mixed for example keep that for whenever but first introduce those two foods individually cooked by you at home over 3-5 days first so you know the baby tolerates them and then you can assume the same for the commercial mix. if you gave yours a lamb and vege casserole first up and your baby got a reaction how would you know what was the problem food? I suggest getting your baby onto a few key basics individually first like sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, rice cereal, apple, banana and pear individually and then you'll know, if these are in the commercial food you have bought, that they can tolerate it fine.

By the way I tried the "only organic" brand wild rice and pumpkin and my baby was up all night with terrible colic. he's had pumpkin and rice ceral so i assumed it would be OK but perhaps not. another friend had the same problem with that same brand but the pumpkin and sweetcorn combo.

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