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stepping out with my baby... Lock Rss

sorry, couldn't resist! smile I have started solids and am making them myself and then freezing them. Problem is when I go out for the day and want to take food with me. I pop the ice pea cube (yum yum) in a tupperware and it never seems to thaw out! Any tips for safe travelling with home made baby food?
zap it in the micro wave 1st b4 u go out treat yourself wth a coffee at a cafe and ask the to heat 4 up 4 u

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Yep, that is what I do. I will go into a cafe and ask them to zap it for about 10 sec because their microwaves are usually stronger.

I could not bring myself to resort to tinned food just because we were going out for the day.

I completely understand what you mean about about baby food. I have always made my daughter's food myself, but we went away one night and i took her food with us and asked the staff at the motel to heat it up for us. That was fine, until i had my tyres slashed and had to stay a second night. I walked across the road to the little corner shop and bought a jar of food, and she refused it! It looked like they had used gelatin to thicken it or something, so she ended up having rice cereal for tea as well as breakfast the next day, as i could buy a box of that for her at the shop. It's horrible stuff, those veges in a jar

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