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Any tips or advice please Rss

I have a 7 month old daughter who i have just found out is allergic to cow's milk protein. I am still breastfeeding as my daughter will not take a bottle, although she loves water from her sipper cup. I have tried to get her to drink Infasoy formula from the sipper but she doesn't like the taste and refuses to drink it. I will have to wean her off the breast in another 3-4 months as i will be going back to work part-time and would love any tips or advice on how to get my baby to drink the Infasoy. She currently has a bit of it mixed in her rice cereal with fruit in the morning but otherwise will not drink it. I have heard that adding a drop or two of natural vanilla essence into it is safe but was wondering how other mums have gone in the same situation.

New mum, NSW

Hi tassels

My daughter is one and on infasoy and she wont drink it from a cup either. Have you tried giving it from a bottle, the nuk anti colic teats are good as the are shaped more like a nipple (supposedly) but they worked for my daughter.

Good Luck

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

is your child lactose intolerance?my son has delact he is 16 months now and has been on this formula since 6 monthes he also was breast fed up until a few weeks ago,this is only a suggestion but if your on a centerlink bennifet you can get 5 tins of delact for $3.80 my son loves it
please feel free to email me

good luck

(sony) mother and stepmother to five children

Thanks for the quick response. My daughter won't take a bottle and i've got every teat you can just about buy even the new Peristaltic or whatever you call them ones that are softer and more like a nipple. I think its the whole silicon thing in her mouth because she has never taken a dummy either (not that it bothers me now that she is older but in the early days it would've been handy). I'm going to try persist with the sipper cup because she loves drinking water from one already but the taste of the Infasoy is the problem as obviously its nothing like breastmilk. I've heard that adding a drop or two of natural vanilla essence is safe but am wondering how other mothers have got their babies to take Infasoy, whether it was persistance or by adding something to it? How old was your baby when you put her on Infasoy and how long did it take for her to actually take to it?

New mum, NSW

What about a goats milk formula? I don't know much about it, I've just seen it at the supermarket. I'm not sure if that would have the same protein in it that your daughter is allergic to.

Rochelle, NZ, baby girl born 22.10.2003

No apparently the majority of babies allergic to dairy are also allergic to the protein in goat's milk. I'm not really sure for what disorder/allergy or whatever goat's milk is for. Both paediatrician and dietitian at hospital have told me that i must put my baby onto Soy Formula for when i go back to work. I think i might try adding a drop or two of natural vanilla essence just to change the horrible soy taste as suggested by the manufacturers of Infasoy's help hotline number.

New mum, NSW

Maybe if adding the vanilla essence doesn't work you could try mixing the infasoy with expressed milk, gradually increasing the proportion of infasoy.

Good Luck

Rochelle, NZ, baby girl born 22.10.2003

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