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Am I feeding my baby to much? Lock Rss

I started my 4 1/2 mth son on rice cereal a week ago, which was ok. Last night I gave him pumpkin and he loved it. Didn't neven need a bib on him as he spat none out. But after giving him what the health nurse recommended eg 1 to 2 teaspoons,after breast feeding of both breasts he wanted more and threw a tantrum till I ended up feeding him about 2 tablespoons even after that amount then he wanted more and I had to give him his dummy to distract him. He coped with this amount fine eg didn't spew any up and he is just a average size baby. He also drinks a lot when I give him a bottle he drinks 260+ most times.
Am I feeding him to much or is my baby just a pig?

Kelly Mum to Connor Brisbane

Hi there!

I'd check with your child health nurse but personally i think if he wants to eat it let him! I have to battle to get my daughter Ella (7months) to eat or drink most days so i can say i'd be stoked if my baby was happily eating as yours does, also given that he's only just started on solids the novilty may wear off yet and he may cut back the amount himself in time.

Not much help i know, sorry!


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

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