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Weet-Bix Lock Rss

Does anyone know when I can start to feed my 9 month old daughter weet-bix?


Hi Kerrie,
I've been feeding my son weet-bix every morning sice he was seven months old. I tried to feed him farex but he wouldn't eat it. Weet-bix havn't hurt him at all. It's the only thing he'll eat in the morning now.
Hope it helps

P.s Lachlan is 10 months old now
hi Kerrie
I've got a six months old baby and i started feeding him weet bix couple days ago. I mix it with little bit of his formula for breakfast and he loves it.
So try it hopefully she will like it.

mother of two vic

I started my little girl on weet-bix when she was 9 months old. I also use to add pureed fruit on the top. My girls don't even know what Nutri grain or Cocoa pops are. They love their weet bix and it is better for them.

at 9 months the baby will be old enpugh to hve weet bix i just use warm cows milk and add banana or pureed fruit if u but the little fruit snack packs that are pureed they are bigger than bby food ones and cheapre and differn flavors

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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