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Breast to bottle - help!! Lock Rss

Hi, I've just started trying my 6month old daughter on formula through the day to try and help her gain weight and hopefully sleep a little better(fingers crossed) My problem is getting her to take the bottle - she just wont! Sometimes she will take water from it, and she has taken a very diluted amount of formula but thats it. Any suggestions on getting her to like her bottle would be great.

Carlie, 3 girls 12/02/98,05/08/03 & 06/08/05

Have you tried giving her breast milk in the bottle, this might get her used to drinking from a bottle, then you could introduce the formula. You could also try using a different teat.

Rochelle, NZ, baby girl born 22.10.2003

Thanks for your ideas. Ill definately try the breast milk, i've been experimenting with different teats but she still isn't overly interested which is weird cause she loves her dummy!

Carlie, 3 girls 12/02/98,05/08/03 & 06/08/05

I've had the same problem but it seems as thoguh I've found a way for him to drink from a bottle. I use Avent bottles and like you I've tried different teats, cheaper bottles etc, etc.... Avent have non spill spouts that are used on their magic cups that can be used on the bottles. They have worked brillantly. My son usually only drinks 10 - 25mls from the bottle when a teat is on and the other night he drank 50mls. That night we used the non spill spout and he loved it took to it soooo easily.

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

Id love to hear any advice on this too... i have a beautiful 6month old baby girl who will drink juice or water from a bottle but refuses to drink breast milk or ANY formula (tried 4 types) I was working but had to quit my job because it was too hard on her and "dad" bringing her to my work for feeds on break times etc. then she would cry for the hour before i got home. We even tried freezing milk and crushing it through an ice machine because she loves drinking icys... no luck! In the end the baby won the battle and got her breast back haha!
What is the usual age for a baby to start weaning from the breast we have our wedding in April and i would like to have one night "child free"


Thanks to all. I am pleased to tell you that Isobelle is now taking formula from the bottle . I too found that avent teats are the ones she likes best. To get her to at least try the formula i added a very small amount to her water a gradually increased the amount with each bottle. Now after 4 days she has full strength formula and manages to drink up to 120mls at a feed. There were quite a few tears but we got there in the end. Although she does still enjoy the breast in the early morning. Hope this is also of some help to you Tired eyes. And congrats on your upcoming wedding.

Carlie, 3 girls 12/02/98,05/08/03 & 06/08/05

hi all,

i feed my son both breastmilk and formula.

ever since he was born i had trouble with breastfeeding besides the soreness i was getting but i would end up in tears coz i couldnt feed my son probably, my breast wasnt full when ever he was hungry and i couldnt get them full no matter how much hot & cold drinks i was taking or how much i would eat...

he's been bottle feed since he was 2 weeks old,
i feed him the bottle during the day 4-5 times a day and breastfeed him before he sleeps and in the morning 2 times... im now getting him onto juices which his loving

i find that Avent products are the best and S26 although i would to know from you guys how i can fill up my breast, my mother would rather have me breastfeeding then bottle fed

first time mother

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