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Wont eat or drink please help Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have a 8 and a hlf month old daughter who has never been the biggest drinker of milk. She curently has 4 bottles of 200mls and 2 -3 small solid meals a day. SHe hasjust had four teeth come down but they have all come through. The last 2 days she has been really fussy with her food and milk. i don't know why but was thinking of droping some of her milk, even though her health nurse says wait till about 9 months, i just think she is a little girl ( weighing 7.3kgs) and she can't fit in all the milk and food..

Does anyone have any ideas and what are peoples routines for there day.

Thanks Ella's mumma
my daughter has just turned 10 months and she was never a good milk drinker. I only give her 3 bottles a day of 240mls. She also has 3 solid meals a day. I give her her bottles about 1 hour after her meals and she seems to drink all her milk this way. i have now just started offering her water as well and she drinks 200 - 250mls a day. i found giving her 4 bottles she never drank a full bottle but as soon as i started giving her 3 bottles she drinks them all and started putting on the weight as well.
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