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Non-wheat teething rusks??? Lock Rss

Does anyone know of any teething rusks which aren't made from wheat?
Or if there are any recipes to make them at home.
Any information will be greatly appreciated. (I've heard giving babies, wheat before 9 months can increase the risk of allergies later on, (homeopathically speaking) has anyone heard anything about this before?)
Have you read the ingredient list for the Heinz rusks which are vegetable based? Not too sure if they contain wheat. A friend of mine use to buy bread from a naturopath which was wheat free and cut the crust into slices. She then use to bake them or if in a hurry microwave for a few seconds. She also use to make her own bread from a mix sold from health food shops. She did this because she had hair sample from her son sent to England tested and it said he had an allergy to wheat. I have read before that it is recommended to hold off introducing certain foods to elevate later allergies. I would say this would be especially in the case if there was a family history of an allergy. Good luck.
Hi Caleb's mum,
Thanks for the tip on buying wheat free bread from a naturopath, I'm sure health food shops would have it also. I'll have to look into it and get baking.
My son doesn't have any known allergies, but a naturopath friend of mine recomended holding of starting him on wheat products for as long as possible. Thanks again for your advice.
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