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Please help me! what to do when baby blows raspberries with a mouth full of food Lock Rss

Our dearly beloved daughter has decided that it's a great idea and rather funny at the same time to blow raspberries with a mouth full of food...!!!!

We are not amused at this at all, in fact it's really testing our patience.

Although I realise a lot of you will say this is quite normal and to an extent I would agree, we don't want this behaviour to continue nor can we afford to waste her food.

Any good and sound advice on how to go about this would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Kris

PS we tried the stern NO, ending her meal and leaving her by herself momentarily!

woohoo we did it!

Hi Lilchook,

When i read your post i was a little upset to hear that you ended your daughters meal because she was blowing raspberries.

Your daughter is only 8 months old, She won't have any idea what your doing when you take away her food. I hate to say it but it is a normal stage, they experiment with there mouths and try to see what new things it can do. Especially with food in it it makes it more exciting. My daughter has just started blowing me kisses when she eats, it's so cute.

I think all you can do is keep trying with the no and don't give her attention when she does it, which i guess your already doing. She will grow out of it.

I hope i haven't come across rude i just think she wont understand what your doing at her age.

Ella's mumma
My daughter was doing the raspberry thing at 6 months and now again at 10 months. even if you think it is a stage and it goes it away.... it will be back. We were saying a stern no to her and chuckling behind her back, because come on it is pretty funny to certain extent. But now we just ignore it and have a serious look on our face. She is at that stage where she nows when you have an angry expression!!
Wow, now this is funny!!! Hehehe my daughter is 6 mths & she started doing this a few weeks ago with food she doesn't partically like the taste of. At first I thought it was funny but I can relate it is a little frustrating espically when you get sprayed with what's coming out of there mouth. I just said NO in a stern way but she just laughed at me & smiled. Couldn't help but smile back though, they sure know how to test your paitence & they are so young!!!! Hehehe guess the best is still to come.

I wouldn't worry too much, I know it's frustrating but it'll pass & more than likely return again when she thinks it's funny.
My daughter too does this.
We basically say no very seriously and I have a very stern look on my face and move the food out of her reach until she stops. I felt mean doing it at first, but now she still blows rasberries, just not when she is being fed.
Hi There,

I understand, my baby does it with a mouth ful of weetbix!
I did read that when bubs blow rasberries its a sign that they have had enough food!
Makes sense really.

Good luck and stand back!

Susannah NSW

Hi Kris,
my 8 month old son also does this, and has done so for about the last 2 months. It doesn't matter what I put in his mouth, he just blows it out. I have tried ignoring him, telling him 'NO!', taking his food away, you name it I've tried it. None of the above seem to be working for me. If I take his food away, he doesn't seem to care. It is very frustrating. I spoke to my health nurse, she basically told me to try everything that I have mentioned above and that it's just something he will have to grow out of. Cant wait for that!!!

Good luck with the feeding,
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