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Pls help.Im not sure Lock Rss

I am just wondering how many meals and what sort of food my DD should be having, she is 11.5 months and has 3 meals a day,but I have been reading that this is not really enough, should I cut out her afternoon bottle with a snack? she generally has about 4 bottles a day.
any advice would be helpful.
She is growing fine, I no thats the main thing, but I just feel ive been at the same stage for so long, and unsure if I need to do/give more.

bdette,NSW,DD Lexus Maree


Well my pediatrician recommended the NAN formula so I put my daughter on that, she is 6 months and all they need is 3 bottles a day, she is on 4 serves of solids a day too as long as your baby is getting a good diet inclusive of fruit vege's and meat then 3 bottles are enough..

Hope thats of some help to you


Lynsey, WA

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