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What brand do you buy? Full fat milk. Lock Rss

Today we went into the supermarket to pick up a carton of full fat milk.

We just came home with the Coles Full Fat sort.

Mum said - hope you didnt buy the store kind, did you get Pura?

Wouldnt you think that milk is milk?

Suddenly felt like l was cheating my DS on quality!!

And then l had the guilts on not buying organic. He didnt have organic formula, nor do we buy organic food... Urgh! The mothers guilt thing is strong today.

What brand do you buy for your babes? and why?
I personally think milk is milk and therefore I always buy the Coles brand. At the end of the day most of us are on budgets and saving a dollar or two on Coles milk isn't going to effect the quality of our children's lives.

Jodi, VIC, 2 boys

I always buy dairy farmers its what i like, so bub DD drinks it too
Milk is milk as far as I'm concerned, we just buy the local one but I'd buy whatever full fat.

You could check the label to compare them, I've never actually done it myself but I'm fairly confident the branded ones are just that branded and more expensive.

I buy homebrand sugar, flour, rice and stuff... as think the same sugar is sugar smile
The reason I don't buy homebrands is political, i guess. I don't buy them because they are making "branded" companies (alot of them are small family or community owned companies) struggle to keep up with the low costs and they are loosing their business.

We've noticed that over the past 3-4 years, alot of products are being replaced with store brands for cheaper ie. milk, muesli bars, other snack bars, eggs, fruit and veg, everything actually. Great for us the shopper but bad for those that worked at the companies that no longer exist.

Large companies such as C0les have so much money they can afford to charge lower prices so as to shut out any competition. IN the long run this will mean they have the monopoly and can then charge as much as they like. It will be worse for us in the end!

I'd prefer to support the local farmers and workers directly than get cheaper foods. If I lived in the city I'd shop at growers markets and butchers, not supermarkets - unfortunately where I live there is only 1 supermarket and a bakery. I have no choice.

I hope you get what I'm meaning. Sorry to take so long to get out what I mean. It hard to explain clearly.
[Edited on 08/01/2008]

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

I think milk is milk but I tend to buy dairy farmers or pura for the taste. Its probably just my imagination but I think they taste better than the home brands.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

I've heard that the non branded stuff is made by the brand companies, cant give a direct example but have seen other posts on here where a companies production line puts out a product and they just switch packaging for the non branded stuff so its the same thing.
Ive heard that too but have never been bothered to check the cartons.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

I don't know about milk but I do know what happens with margarine.

When margarines get too close to their use by dates, the supermarkets won't accept them. So, the manufacturer empties the margarine back into the vats, it is then processed again (ie remelted to the appropriate temperature) and then packed into new tubs.

So, the short use by date Meadow Lea margarine, becomes a generic brand margarine. That is why side by side sometimes the cheaper brand is a different colour to the expensive brand. The colour change is the result of going through the refining process again.

I assume that the generic brand milk is made from the lower quality grade of milk they purchase from farmers. Also, maybe they scrimp on the actual process of refining it to keep the prices down.

At the end of the day, being a staple product, if it wasn't suitable for young children it would state that on the packaging.
i prefer dairy farmers but rarely buy it as its too expensive and my DS really doesn't care which milk so i just buy home brand. it's cheaper.
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