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Help, hates lumps! Lock Rss

My 8.5 month old doesn't cope with lumps at all, this includes finger foods. I've given her toast and mushy fruit, but she gags to the point of throwing up at times. My MCHN has told me "She needs to be eating finger food all the time even her meals should be cubes so she can eat it herself". She is no where near this stage How and what can I do? She has no teeth also. Please offer some well nedeed advise and suggestions of finger foods. Thankx

bubs born 28/1/05

Mia won't eat lumps either. She will eat finger foods to a degree though. Does she eat milk arrowroots or cheese? These ain't as lumpy but all in all... Don't stress about it. As long as she is eating food, gaining weight and is happy. As the saying goes "you can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink".

Gotta laugh at myself though... I told DH last week that Mia NEEDS to eat lumps, it says it in these books I read! Maybe need to practice what I preach??? smile

Slow down, your baby is still young. My son is 11 months and only really only just starting to get the hang of chewing and swallowing lumps. He cut four top teeth between 9 and 10 months and would not chew while he had a sore mouth.

Nutrition and getting a balanced diet is more important. Try offering a rusk or milk arrowroot biscuit to practice chewing and later introduce pieces of soft fruit, cheese, etc
Add a few soft lumps to mash - a few peas or grated zuchinni for example - and gradually increase the lumps.

Sarah, Mum of 2 boys

I have a 2 1/2 year old that will not eat veges unless they are PUREED!!! her little brother eats lumpy veges like they are going out of fashion, and she still likes hers "without bits mummy". she did have her tonsils removed at 2 and this helped us with eating meat etc, but prior to that, she'd just eat 'smooth' stuff. not through my lack of trying either!!! I figure that as long as they are eating healthy stuff, who really cares if it's pureed or lumpy.... i imagine when your baby goes to school though, she'll be eating normally just like the other kids.......!
just a thought, try cheesestix, they mush up in the mouth. and maybe what you put on the toast she mightn't like it.... try another topping!!!

ps, take what your MCHN says with a pinch of salt!
hi it sounds like just what i have been going through my little one now 11 months has only just started taking lumps about a month and a half ago as soon as you gave the littlest he would gag and then throw EVERYTHING up it was terrible he has been like that since 7 months i ended up seeing a speach person which the clinic refered me to they said he was super sensitive and gave me this nuk brush which you can get from the chemist you roll it around in their mouth along there tongue,lips as it is lumpy on the end its a different feeling and when eating make a big deal have a toy and shake it saying yeh yeh and get their mind of whats going in its taken this long but josh is now eating finger food pasta peas corn which he wasnt until now good luck


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