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4mths-how many feeds a day???? Lock Rss

I have a 16week old boy and he is on routine feeds:
6am formula 200mls,
9am formula 200mls,
12pm formula 200mls,
3pm formula 200mls,
6pm formula 200mls, then bed.
He has a total of 5 bottles a day (1000mls).

I have been told that this is too much!! Do I need to start him 4 hour feeds and make total of 4 bottles a day?? Also, I've been told I should start him solids ...?? rice cereal???. Does anyone have any suggestions and what is your routine at 4 months???? My son weighs 7kg. First time mum and not sure what to do....

karlie. 15month old two foot terror!!

If you can stretch him out to 4 hour feeds I would do that. My daughter is on 4 hour feeds and she is 6 months. If he cant go to 4 hour feeds I would try him on some rice cereal to see if he likes it. Jessica didnt really take to solids until about 2 weeks ago, so dont panic about solids too much.

Who told you 5 bottles was too much?

Bianca, Emily 7/11/03 Jess 24/3/05 Thomas 12/6/07

Hi there,

Well I have a 6 month old daughter who is only on 3 bottles a day as she is on four serves of solids, I only started this routine a few weeks ago (2 to be exact).
My nephew was like your little boy on 5 feeds a day, depends on what formula you are using and what that says. I swapped Bella's formula to one where she only needs three before that she was on one were she could have upto 5 is she wanted.
Maybe try you little man on some rice cereal and see how that goes, maybe he just has a big appetite!! hehe my liitle one is the same smile

Good luck


Lynsey, WA

Hi Karlie
I have a 4.5mth old and he has 5 bottles a day of approx 240mls each. he is about 9kgs and 70 cms tall and my boy is very happy and healthy.
My timings are a little different to yours but my Maternal health nurse hasnt told me to change anything so I figure I wont. It works for us, so I reckon just do whatever works for you. If he is happy then go with that.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Thanks guys,
Our GP told me I was feeding him too much and needed to start reducing feeds. I'll have a crack at the rice cereal in am! I'll try and stretch him out to 4hrly feeds as well. It's just so confusing when midwives, clinic nurses and GP's all have different opinions on what to do and what not to do... Very confusing for a first time mum!!

karlie. 15month old two foot terror!!

No way, if he's hungry then give it to him.

My son had about 6 bottles a day when he was that old, and I started feeding him Farex at 4 weeks because he was such a piglet. He loved it! At 3 months I started him on one custard a day, at four months he started on veges for dinner.
Now he's 5 months and he has 5 bottles of 220mls a day, a custrad for lunch and Farex or vegetables for dinner.
I have also given him Bread, Teething Rusks, Orange and Apples (to suck on), Icecream and Frozen Coke (I know, naughty me!)

He's a happy and healthy 8.1kg boy now, and I'm never worried about him getting sick because I know he can afford to loose a bit of weight!!!

Crystal, QLD, (Lachlan 4 May 2005, Liy 18 Oct 2007

My son is four and a half months old and is on five breastfeeds a day. At four months I started on rice cereal, and he's now having rice cereal and fruit before his mid morning feed, and pureed meat and veg with his late afternoon feed. He is much more satisfied between meals and is sleeping better at night. I haven't weighed him lately but he was 6.6 kg at four months.


Hi, My boy is the same age and weight and he is having the same number of feeds but a little less qtys as well as some solid food. Baby rice and fruit custard i have found that he really likes.

Jane,VIC, 22 months Mark

When My girl was 8wks she was having what your boy is. Don't worry. It's better than not eating! My girl would even have up to 250ml at that age.
Maybe try to stretch out his feeds to 4 1/2 -5hrs. You coluld even try to subsistute a feed for some rice cereal.

If you start on solids i think he'll gian more weight, that's what livie did, I swear she getting heaps hevier from the solids, she's now nearly 6 months and I'm guessing very close to 8kg.
Don't worry about the weight, if you are, they need it. You can't let them starve or cry coz they are hungry, just feed him when he needs.
You think thats bad!!!!!
My little girl (now 7 months old) drinks EVERY 2 HOURS and only has 150mls at a time, a total of 1200mls a day. she has done this ever since she was 4 months old.
My health nurse told me that she probably has a smaller stomach capacity and therefore needs smaller drinks more regularly. i wouldn't bother trying to change your babies routine unless it's a seriouse problem for you. I've been told that babies cannot over-eat so i don't see that being a issue. Every baby is different so don't worry unless it becomes a health issue! You're doing a great job!
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