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help with veg Lock Rss

my 5 month old can't stand any type of veg?
any suggestions on how i could get her to eat even a teaspoon?

Sara, SA, baby girl Amelia 02/05/2005

This is what I do (and swore I would never do it with MY child after years of watching my sister do this!) Have a little container of something sweet (I use the tins of apple/pear/peach or fruit gel). Give your baby a taste of the fruit. Then, dip the spoonful of your home cooked vegies (which they tend to gag on!) into the sweeter fruit. I now can manage to get bub to eat 3 cubes of vegies. He is starting to figure it out though!!!!


Probably already tried this but have you tried mashing them with breast milk/formula?

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

Hi Amelia's mum

I'm not sure if I'm telling you things you've already tried but... my health care nurse recommended that i blend potato / pumpkin / zucchini for Olivia's first experience with veges (this was day 5 after starting rice cereal) and Olivia protested quite strongly (pushing my hand away, grimacing at the taste of it...) so i went back to my sister's original suggestion which was just puree some potato (150g) that was microwaved 4 minutes with a little water. Olivia really got stuck into it. Tomorrow i'm trying pumpkin blended with potato.

good luck

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

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