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deli ham & turkey - when? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
does anyone know what age you can give deli hams, turkey, etc to babies? My bub is almost 9mths and i'm looking for some fingerfoods ... i feel like i'm always giving her biccies, which i want to cut back!
thanks smile

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

I've been advised the the deli meats are best to give after 12 months.

Ifyou are looking for finger food ideas - what about - a peice of wholemeal toast with a spread of promite (not as salty as vegemite) - small bite sized peices of cheese, small bite sized peices of raw carrot, small bite sized peices of apple, pear, banana etc - just be prepared for a bit of a mess - but that's half the fun of teaching your kids to feed themselves.
why not try a roast chicken wing. even pieces of breast meat (chicken breast or turkey that is), i would imagine ham to be a bit rich for the tummy at this young age. other fingerfood suggestions are cheesestix, bits of toast, sandwiches cut into small pieces, fritz, little frankfurts (skin off), apple (pieces that are big enough for the hand - but microwave for 10secs to soften and that avoids the choking issue), banana, noodles (cooked macaroni or spirals are easy to pick up), watermelon, rockmelon, sultanas, egg yolks (hard boiled - they love them - mine do that is)... i would just have a go at anything really, but i would be very careful of raw carrot (sorry Jacobs mum), as this is a huge choking hazard.

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