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1st Solids how long Lock Rss

hi all

I am starting my little one on solids and wanting some advice. I am starting at lunch time. what I need advice on is how long after their bottle do you give them their solids? I am starting with cereal.


Hi Kylie
I started my little one in the morning. She would have a full breastfeed at 8am and at around 9am i would give her a serve of rice cereal according to directions on the pack - i waited a little since she was pretty full after the breastfeed. I did this for seven days, and increased the amount on each day and thickened the consistency. At this stage she was just getting used to having something other than breastmilk, and she was also getting used to having a spoon in her mouth.

On the 8th and 9th days i gave her some pureed potato for the evening meal ( i would give this one about 1 hour before her last breastfeed for the day). On the 10th and 11th days i gave her pureed potato and pumpkin (3 parts potato: 1 part pumpkin) and she enjoyed that too. From the 8th-11th days she was still have her rice cereal in the morning, but i making more of it and ensured that it had a thicker consistency.

Tomorrow I'll introduce her 3rd meal at lunchtime which will be pureed apple (or pear) and maybe thicken it with a little rice cereal if i make it too runny. I'll be giving her this one maybe 1/2 hour to 1 hour after her breastfeed.

PS. i tried introducing pureed potato/pumpkin/ zucchini on day 8 but she plopped it out of her mouth and protested a bit about it too.

Hope this is helpful

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

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