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Yogurt? Lock Rss

Hiya all..

Just wondering when you can give yogurt as i was sure its a dairy product but lots of babies i know have it.

And what age did you start to give it to your babies?

Thanks Shelly

Mum to Taniesha & Braydon born on the 8th June 05

Hi Shelly,

My daughter is 6 months old this saturday coming. I just started her on yogurt yesterday and LOVED it!! The packaging doesn't recommend until 6 months.

April, NSW, 1 little girl & 1 little boy

I gave both my children yoghurt at around 6mths... but before would be OK, you just need to try & if they get a bit chucky from it, leave it again for a while and try again when their tummys have had a bit more variety of food through them. I get the Finding Nemo 12pack (although it says on the box recommended for 1y/olds though, it's fine for bubba's! as it's smooth with no chunky bits). my kids love it, and it fills up tummy's !!!
hi shelly,
my gp told me to try my daughter on some yogurt when she was 4 1/2 months old because she had oral thrush and the medication wasn't working anymore and it worked. i've been giving her vaalia baby yogurt and i've just found yoplait i think it is, she loves them and seems to be doing fine.

all you can do is try.

good luck

Sara, SA, baby girl Amelia 02/05/2005

in all the recipes i've found it says natural yoghurt from 4 mths is s'posed to be fine. but my older two had the novelty yoghurts aswell.they're the only ones that are smooth enough.chocolate ones aren't too great tho. YUCKY nappies

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