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not taking the bottle Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

My 5&1/2mth old won't drink more than 150mls of her bottle since i've started giving her solids. I've tried not giving her solids until after her bottle but she doesn't seem that interested in drinking it anymore.
Has anyone got any suggestions or does anyone have a bub out there that does the same thing.
Hi there,

My baby is 5 1/2 months as well and is doing exactly the same thing. I have tried days when I have not given him solids (as it isn't really necessary for nutrition until they are 6 months), and it improved slightly, but not a lot.
I have started giving him his bottle, then letting him have a play and about an hour later I find he will finish off the bottle no problems. Sometimes he will still fuss though but I find if I keep trying and just keep the teat in his mouth he will usually take it happily and finish the whole thing. Another thing I found was that if I rub my little finger along his bottom gums just before I put the bottle in, he usually drinks more. Your baby's gums maybe tender due to teething, which is unfortunate as it coincides with starting solids! This rubbing seems to sooth them a bit, sometimes I put Bonjela on them as well but I try not to use it too much. It is very frustrating I know!!
How many solids is your wee girl on? My baby is on two a day now (breakfast and lunch), but I cut the lunch out for a while and it improved the bottle feeding a bit.
I find the worst feed is his last one at night, he is just not interested at all until he's had a good play!!


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