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farex in bottle - have you and how much? Lock Rss

Hi everyone
I am thinking about getting my bub to have 4 feeds a day instead of 5, and have read that some people put farex in their babies dinner time bottle to help them sleep through the night. Has anyone tried this? My bub is 5 months and isnt on solids yet and I do want to wait till 6 months as I dont think that he needs it just yet, but he is a big boy (9kgs and 70cms) so am thinking he may just need a little more substance to last bottle of night if he is having one less feed.
Would love to hear any stories you have about this - thanks

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

hi joe's mum,
i started putting farex in my daughter's bottle since she was 4 months, she has only been having 4 bottles since that age and she seemed unsettled and hungry after a feed but didn't want anymore. so someone suggested i put farex in her bottle, just 1 teaspoon for 200ml bottle maybe a little bit more if he has more than that, it seemed to work.

at the beginning my daughter was a bit constipated but her body eventually got used to it. i think it was because there was to much farex so i cut it down a bit.

i guess all u can do is try.

good luck,

Sara, SA, baby girl Amelia 02/05/2005

i never thought about doing that, damon just lately has started waking again during the night and we think its hunger related. i'll give it ago

I was told never to 'conceal' food in babies bottle and to always give it to them off a spoon, the reason being that it can make them fat and can teach them bad feeding habits (or something like that) and if baby doesnt want it thats too bad cos there going to get it anyway.

I have never done it as I have never had to and I dont mean to sound like I'm against doing it but just letting you know a what I was told and a differnt side to what others have said.

In the end it is completly up to you, you know your child best.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

I really don't think putting Farex in a bottle is very good for bub but......................

you can actually buy from the chemist a thickener for formula I would really recommend you use the thickener rather than the farex in the bottle.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

My bub is 13 weeks and I have been putting 2 teaspoons of rice cereal in his last bottle at 10ish for about 2-3 weeks now and he's fine and thriving (he was weighed at 11 weeks at 16lb/7.24kg) I give 5 bottles per day of 200ml. The last one I mix the rice cereal with about 50ml of boiled water, let it cool then add it to his bottle shake heat eat. He's teething at the moment so he's waking up very early some mornings around 5ish instead of 6:30 but he is fine until 6:30 before I give him his feed. It hasn't effected his poos or feeding habits.
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