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how many solid feeds for a 4mth old Lock Rss

hey people's
i'm sure it's here somewhere but i'm being a tad lazy. my partner thinks damon needs 3 solid meals a day. at the moment he's aving two. he's 4 mths old

i started Logan on solids at 5 months. He began on one solid feed a day which quickly increased to two as he loved it and seemed to be tolerating it just fine. He is almost 6 months and he now has 3 solid feeds a day: cereal and fruit for breakky, cereal and veg/fruit for lunch, and 3 vegies for dinner. He scoffs the lot and still has the same amount of breast feeds he was having before starting solids. I think so long as you use your baby as your guide, and go by how well they tolerate the food, then you should be ok. But I am no expert.

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

I started my daughter on solids at 5 months 1 meal a day and she was about 6 1/2 months when she started having 2 meals, she is teething at the moment and has gone back to only having 1 meal again and just refusing any other meal, I didnt give my first baby 3 meals till she was about 8 months old.

It might be a good idea to talk to your plunket nurse and find out but I heard you should start them on one meal at around 4 months and see how they go and it depends on how much he is eating at each meal as milk is still the most important food at that age.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

hi thanks for the replies. my boy appears to be a big eater. he'll have 1/2 weetbix with fruit in it in mornings and 100mls of yoghurt or about 5 tablespoons of vegies. he is still having the same amount of formula and b/f each day. i think it's just my partner or his mother whispering in his ear.
today he suggested giving him less formula and more "juice", water and solids. i didn't really like that idea and i did explain to him that damon still needs a minium amount of formula a day.
i don't mind the water idea as we have had a few warm days already and he doesn't seem to mind it. But i really don't want to give him juice until it starts getting really warm. i think he's trying to be helpful coz he got a bit offended when i explained about the formula issue.

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