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I have recently been advised by my doctor to cut dairy out of my 7 month olds diet because its looking like she has an intolerance, vomitting after dairy etc, she has also never been a great formula drinker and he thinks that has been her own way of protecting herself from becoming ill. Does anyone have any other ideas to add calcium to her diet? she doesnt like the soy formula but is tolerating it with her food.

Susannah NSW

i tried a few diffrent formula's but kuricare was loved by both my kids. i have a 6 month old still on formula and he is thriving my 3 year old is starting to eat dairy again,as they grow out of it, but she seems to prefere soy. does she have an alergy or is she lactose intolarent?

Teagan 7, Ryden 4, Tayla 3 and Me&Dh 35

You could make custard with the soy formula... I have done it and it works out OK. Soy yoghurt I guess...

Suz, NSW

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