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7 months old doesnt seem interested in solids Lock Rss

My youngest is 7 months old and she still doesnt seem really interested in solids. She doesnt open her mouth to take the food u have to make her open her mouth. When she does eat it she has hardly any. Should I be concerned? Last month when we saw the MCH nurse she wasnt too fussed about it.

Her sister took to solids straight away, yet Jess is smaller and not as heavy as her sister was at the same age. What do you think?

Thanks Bianca

Bianca, Emily 7/11/03 Jess 24/3/05 Thomas 12/6/07

Hi Bianca

Not sure what you could do as obviously she isn't interested in them. However when I saw our plunket nurse she told me that I shouldn't start DD on solids any later than 6 months as by 7 months they need iron enriched foods because there own supply starts to go down. That's just what she told me anyway and people do seem to say different things. Maybe just keep trying with the solids. Sorry not much of a help.
that may be something to think about. if she's putting things in her mouth then she kinda knows that things go in there. with my bub, she's nearly 6 months, i feed her a bottle then two hrs later i fed her some rice cereal and veggies. make sure she isn't too full when you give it to her. she may just not need it at this time. If your health nurse isn't too concerned about it im sure it'll be ok. with her being a little smaller she may not need it.
I had the exact same problem. My DS was not interested in solids at all and it was always a struggle feeding him. I started solids at around six months (as he was not interested any earlier) and the most I could get him to eat was a tablespoon (and it could take a good half hour to eat that as he wouldn't open his mouth either). I was fraught with worry as his older brother had a good appetite and loved his food. I saw the Early Childhood Nurse who was not concerned as long as he was putting on weight and reaching his milestones. Tresillian and my GP also had the same opinion.
I persisted and finally, at 11 months, he is eating half a bowl of solids twice a day. Admittedly he is fussy (wont eat farex, cereal or commercial baby food) but loves my vege combo which I vary each day with finely ground chicken or beef and rice or pasta.
So, Bianca, I wouldn't be too worried yet as long as she is putting on weight and seems healthy. Just keep offering solids to her and one day she'll surprise you and eat the whole lot!
Good luck.
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