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Not interested in vegetables Lock Rss


My 6 month old loves her fruit that i make for her. She's only had apples, pears & Banana. Today i thought i'd try introducing her to vegetables so i made her potato.

This is how i did it: boiled potato, put in blender with 80ml of formula. can someone tell me if i did wrong and where? should i have mashed? (i'm worried about lumps) my mother in law told me she use to add a bit of butter. I think she might be a bit too young for butter yet.

Hi Lana. Matt loved vegies until around 6 months. I now dip his meat and veg dinner in the canned pear/peach/apple mix. He loves it. This way, he is still getting the goodness of the veg with the sweeter taste. I have actually felt a little insulted - he prefers the tinned food to my home cooking. Only 7 months old and already a fast food junkie!!


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