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can 6month old have bread????? Lock Rss

hi guys just wondering if you cangive a 6month old bread. i've been giving him solids since he was 3months he loves thetin stuff but i want to start himon real food like mash potatoand bread, does anyone know if its alright to give themm that????
Hi Jackie,

The recommendation is for other grains after 6mths (rice cereal only before 6mths) so I reckon he can have bread now. Just take it slow in case he has a wheat intolerance. Also, be careful at first about the bread going into a big doughy lump in the roof of his mouth - I had to scoop several of these out as ella started gagging in the beginning - but now she's a pro with bread!
In the beginning, I found that chewier breads were much easier for her to manage at her own pace, such as bagels, sourdough bread (her fave!) and pane di casa italian type breads.

Have fun


Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

hi jackie
My little guy is almost 9months and i started giving him bread at 6months. By 7months i started putting butter and vegimite on it. He loves it - but it does make a mess. Its great now because if we are out at lunch time i dont have to mess around with heating things up. (He does how ever have a piece of banana at lunch also) finger food starts to get good from 7months! Have lots of fun with it.

I also agree with (i think the nickname was PML or PLM sorry if it wasnt) above me saying about the wholemeal bread its got too much fiber in it. I started on white bread and only recently changed to wholemeal - i soon realised why he was being constipated almost every day! so just be careful, and be aware of everything that goes in because sometimes with bread they suck it so much that it gets stuck in the roof of the mouth and they save it for later and could possibly choke if you dont notice it before they go to bed.

GOOD LUCK and im sure you will be fine! horray another milestone bites the dust - eating bread! hehe -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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