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wholemeal or white bread Lock Rss

my son is 8 months and i have been giving him toast for breakfast with vegemite and a vegemite sandwich for lunch just as finger foods,.I have been using wholemeal bread as it is better for you and thats what my husband and i eat, but i just read that white bread is better for babies. Confussed ....

kylie,nsw,mum to William & Hannah

Actually wholemeal or grain bread is better for bubs as it isn't as highly processed, actually wholegrain is better for all of us than white bread, not just bubs.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Definitely wholemeal. I've heard you shouldn't give a baby wholegrain though because of the grains in it.
I've also been told that wholemeal/wholegrain bread is better due to the amount of sugar in white bread.

Tracey (Tylah born 25/03/05 and Ava born 4/4/08)

I remember reading somewhere that wholemeal/grain bread can be hard to digest for young babies and because white bread is more processed it is easier for them to digest. I always gave my son wholemeal bread though as that's what we eat and he had no problems with it. I guess if you have a family history of wheat intolerance you would need to be extra careful. If your baby has been fine with it so far I wouldn't worry too much - maybe get some clarification from your child health nurse.

Take care
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