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How many solids and milk feed at 9 months ? Lock Rss

My daughter will be 9 months in a couple of weeks..right now she has 4 breastfeeds and 3 solids. The healthnurse told me that 2 of her solid feeds should be a 2 course feed..isn't that over-feeding then ? I mean, their tummies are still small. According to her, till 9 months the breastfeed should be before the solid feed and the solid feed should be given 1 hour after the b'feed, which is all okay. But after her solid feed, to immediately give her either custard or yogurt, isn't that too much ? I'm not sure how to manage that as well as make sure she has her 2 day-time naps...Any suggestions anyone ?


My 9mth bub eats like this:

6;30am - solids (only eats about 1/2 cup)
7am - breastfeed

11am - solids (about 1 cup of vegies and meat with rice or pasta) Drink of water (she only has about 20mls).

2pm - breastfeed followed by snack of 1/2 piece of bread or some fruit

5pm - solids (about 1 cup of vegies and a carb like rice, pasta, etc) and drink of water

6:30pm - breastfeed before bed

I was trying to give the milk before the solids at breakfast until last week but she does much better now that I offer the solids first.

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

HI mum of two,

My little one is 9 and a half months and this is her routine which works like a dream.

7:30am bottle of around 215mls
9:00am weetbix with cows milk or formula
10:00am sleep time
12:00pm wakes up and has fruit for lunch normally 3 ice cubes, maybe some yoghurt if she is still hungry and a cruskit with either vegemite or cheese spread on it.
2:00pm bottle of 215mls
2:30pm sleep
4:15pm wakes up and has a rusk or a finger food of some type and water (which is given also when she has solids)
5:30pm dinner 3-4 ice cubes of veges every second day i eithier put chicken or lamb or pasta in with it. another biscuit maybe a milk arroot biscuit
6:30pm bath time
then around 7- 730pm she has a bottle of 200mls.

I have also started to cut up small pieces of fruit etc to give to her at lunch and dinner times so, she loves feeding herself.

Hope this helps

My Grace is 9 months and she eats well. This is her "routine"

7.30-800am get up breastfeed then 1-1 1/2 vita brits (they have no sugar, the others do) with some hot water and cows milk

1000am sleep time

12-1pm up and have lunch (generally fruit and often some natural yoghurt)

2pm-2.30pm breast milk then sleep time

4-5pm breast milk

6pm tea (6 ice cubes of meat & vegetables)

This has worked well for us. In between I sometimes give her a little bit of cheese as a snack.

I feel now, though that I may need to start to give her some more snacks in between.

But trust yourself and your baby. She will let you know when she has had enough. I don't think you can overfeed a baby (unless extreme circumstances). With the breastfeeding before/after meals, do whaterver suits you. My dd wakes up around luch-time, so I make sure we have lunch together, therefore she gets her breastfeed afterwards.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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