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how much food for 6mths Lock Rss

My DH and I are currently disscussing how much food to feed our big boy hes a whopper 9.9kg and 70cm. We are at different ends of the stick he thinks because hes so big to encourage his growth we shold think of 4 meals per day
e.g 2 cans 1 banana and 4 icecubes
Im thinking thats WAY to much
We have looked up on the net for some ideas but no luck or maybe nothing that yet supports his ideas how much do you feed your babies?

Teeny 03.07.01and Jack 15.05.05

Wow - thats an interesting point. It would be interesting to know what the CHN or GP says about it. There is a lot of pressure on us parents with the whole kid obesity thing being such a hot issue at the moment.

I let my DD guide me for how much she wants. I only do two solid meals per day, breakfast and dinner. At the moment she has 3 cubes in the morning (pear/apple) and 4 cubes at night (carrot/pumpkin). She wont open her mouth and looks away when full, but I am not sure if all babies do that.

I have my first CHN visit next week after starting solids so keen to ask some of these questions you are raising. Great topic Teeny's Mummy !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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