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my 9mths old baby wont eat Lock Rss

my 9 months old baby is refusing to eat any solids.. the only food she is interested in is sweets custards and smoothys

she has a few bites of bread occationaly but no mater how many times i would try to feed her she would have her mouth shut and gives me that looks of i had enough
how can change that and make her eat.. i need help.. any ideas anyone??
Hi My Angel

That's a tough call. I know with my bub she preferred sweet foods so I tended to give her sweeter vegies such as sweet potato, corn and carrots to get her started. She also likes fruit but not just the standard apples and pears. Have you tried soft fruits like rockmelon???

Have you tried letting her play with the food first? I know this sounds a bit messy but apparently children are more likely to eat vegies, etc when they feel a part of the process and apparently babies that can play with their food are more likely to eat it.

Good luck!

Tracey (Tylah born 25/03/05 and Ava born 4/4/08)

yeah, i have also heard that if you let them play with the food first they feel involved. I would give it a go.
One of my girlfriends also has this problem with her little girl, and she is now doing one spoon custard and one spoon pumpkin (or veg) and it goes on like this at meal time.

Maybe trying more finger food like banana, cucumber, watermellon, rockmellon, avocado, canned peaches, apricots pieces of pinapple and orange any fruit can basically be finger food. At least you know she might eat it because its sweet. Its just as good for her as veg.

I also have given my little 9month old boy a raw carrot peeled and a bean while in the supermarket just to get him to eat it. Maybe try it uncooked it has a bit more taste that way and normally if its raw it can be finger food. What about things like cruskits instead of bread? or those sa.ka.ta rice crackers. Cheese is another good one! if you are worried about the stick's of cheese try grated cheese its small and for picky eaters its something different. But just keep thinking outside the box. If you give finger foods you might just be better off.

Hope this helps. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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