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my daughter is 6 1/2 months old and has just been on one solid feed a day i was wondering if when do i go to two and three feeds of solids a day and do i still continue the same milk intake. Please help
Solids have not changed my DD's milk intake at all. Every-one seems to have different timing for when they give solids. Maybe you have to try a few different ways and see what suits your DD.

At the moment my DD has a BF in the morning, play, solids (2 cubes of pear and 1 cube of apple), BF (top-up) and off to bed. I know its time for solids when she gets a bit grumpy.

In the evening she does the same thing, BF, play, solids (2 cubes of carrot and 2 cubes of pumpkin with a spoon of rice cereal mixed in), play, shower, BF (usually a big one) and off to bed.

I started dinner within two week of starting solids at breakfast time. Best of luck !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hello Tunk

My daughter is also 6.5 months and has been on solids for 3 weeks. For the first week she was on only one solid meal (morning). ie . she had her first breastfeed at 6.30ish then she'd sleep till 8am, pram ride to a cafe then her rice cereal at 8.30ish.

The second week i introduced her dinner meal. She would have 1 or 2 tabs of pureed vege (began with potato for a couple of days, then potato/pumpkin, then carrot, then pumpkin/broccoli) During the second week i also introduced pureed fruit to her breakfast rice cereal (about 1 tab of pureed pear, apricot, or banana).

The third week i introduced her lunch meal which was a couple of tabs of natural yoghurt with 1 tab of pureed apricot/ pear/ apple or banana.

I haven't dropped any breastfeeds yet. I've been told that my daughter will decide for herself when she will drop a feed (which mihgt happen maybe in the 7th month or soon after) and will probably coincide with when the size of the meals increase.

hope this is helpful.

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

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