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Jar/Tinned babyfood versus Homemade Lock Rss

Just wondering if many mums use jars and tins of baby food and how often compared to homemade? Do you think it's as good? I have twins and when I first started solids, I'd make fresh pureed fruit for cereal and steam vegies etc, and sometimes freeze portions. But lately I've been turning to the jars and tins alot, so much easier, no washing up etc, who has time for washing up!!
Thanks for replies in advance.
I understand how you're feeling about this. Making your own food is very time consuming, at the moment there are very few nights that I'm not steaming, mashing or pureeing something up for my baby. But it is for only a relatively short time that this needs to be done, in another couple of months she will just be eating what we are. I personally believe the texture and taste of home cooked food is better than anything in a tin or jar. Also for me, it is a cost issue. I imagine it would be very expensive to go through 3 or 4 tins or jars of food every day. Perhaps the answer for you is to give your baby a bit of both, home cooked when you can, but have a number of jars and tins on hand for when life just gets too busy!!
I agree with Danielle, that it has become more of a cost issue with baby food becoming so expensive. It seems far more cost effective to buy fruit and veg, and do a bulk lot to freeze. If possible, you could ask someone to help you do a big cooking session...

In saying that, whatever works best for you and your routine...good luck!

I have started using the Watties "Simply Create" for 9 months plus. They are sachets of meat and sauce that you add to home cooked veges. A great compromise. Up until a couple of weeks ago I made 80% of my DSs food but now that I am back at work using these sachets has helped take some pressure off and I still feel that DS is getting good homecooked veges.

Just wanted to say that I find a really good brand is Rafferty's Garden - which I've found in the big supermarkets. It is 100% food - no thickeners, maizes, additives or anything. My six month old son loves them as much (sometimes I think more!) than what I cook for him!!!
An example of one he had today is banana, mango & pear which under ingredients states 60% pear, 30% banana, 10% mango & nothing else!! I also buy that brand of rice cereal.
Apart from these I do bulk freezer lots.
Good Luck - I think finding the time to cook food whilst having twins is amazing! I sometimes think its hard enough wth one!

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My DD has tinned baby food when we are out and she loves it. It is much easier and if you're not using it for every meal it's not too expensive.
I started out with the jars and keep them handy for when I'm out, or rushed at dinner time. I occasionally make veggies and freeze them too. I was told the other day that the jars have a lot more nutrients in them than homemade. I don't know if that's true or not.....I definitely use the jars of fruits a lot, very handy for lunches mixed with baby rice or in muesli for breakfast.

The only problem with the bought baby food is the texture - way too smooth as they get bigger. DS is nearly 9mths now so I mix the bought food with homemade food that isn't totally pureed. I use the Rafferty's Garden and the Boost bought foods and mix the fruit with cereal and the other foods with lumpyish veges. Today I gave him Boost lentils with a little bit of tuna and homemade veges mixed in - I also try to make the consistency a little dryer than the really pureed food.

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with my daughter i stared out making my own. yes very time consuming and sometimes i think more expensive with the price of fruit. i mean sometimes you only get 4 or 5 apples for a kilo and thats $5-$6. then it depends on the season too and whats available. i tried to give her homemade once she got a bit bigger(9mth mark) and she wouldn't have a bar of it, so i went to the tin food.
with my DS i am currently making my own fruit puree but that is because i have just started him on solids. i'll see how he goes. i also found if you go out sometimes it is very difficult to keep homemade cold and then heat it up. so that was how i got onto tinned stuff.
hi there,
was just wondering how did u get your pic of your bubba up on here???love your boys name and hes very cute.........would b great to know.........ta bec
hi Bec,
i got my pic on using when you upload make sure you pick avitar. good luck
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