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9 month old won't eat "LUMPS" Lock Rss

My son is 9mths old and I can't get him to eat lumpy food. I've been giving him the tinned food for 6mth old's and mushing it up even more for him, but as soon as I try giving him more lumpier portions he refuses to eat it. I've just started cooking my own veggies for him, cause I'm sick of wasting the tinned food, and he'll only eat about 4 spoonfulls before he starts shutting his mouth when I try to put another spoonfull in. This is my first baby so I'm still trying to learn myself, but I'm worried that he'll be "left behind" so to speak because he isn't eating lumpy food. He should be nearly eating finger foods. Is there anyone with any ideas to get my little man to eat lumps? I'd appreciate any help I can get.
My son is 7months old and he is taking lumps quite good now. I was told at 6 months to give him lumpier food and to not give in when he is gagging and refusing it. It doesn't take long. I did and success. But he will not eat any of the 6mth meat and veg tins. He simply does not like them. I used to puree all his fruit and veg. Then I would steam veges like pumpkin and carrot and mash it with fork and slowly increasing lumps then left more and more. Now I steam potato, pumpkin, zuchinni, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and either cooked chicken or beef and just mash with fork and he loves it. For fruit he loves steamed apple, pear, rockmelon and kiwi fruit and again I just mash with fork. I also mash up a ripe banana, it's one of his favourites.He has toast crusts and arrowroot biscuits.
A friend of mine had same problem and her daughter was 10 months and would only eat puree. She bought 6month tins and wouldn't give in and 1 week later her daughter took to it and loves it now.
One suggestion i have is to try finger food anyway! Banana cut up in pieces, biscuits and sandwiches or whatever your little one likes. They love the challenge and they will learn to eat the bigger pieces in their mouths.

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

My 9 month old was like that until I combined the pureed and lumpier foods together, took about a week and now I don't have to mash anything. Also try soft fruits, watermelon, rockmelon, banana as well as sandwhiches as they will encourage chewing! Good luck.

Kimberly, QLD

Hi lenny. My name is sue, I have 3 kids under5 years old matthew 4, sarah almost 3 & jessica 9 months old. Jessica won't eat lumpy foods either. Don't worry, your son will when he is ready, keep trying. do you give your son a rusk to start off with or maybe milk arrowroot biscuit. things take time, no rush all babies are different Jessica still eats banana custards and egg custards, I sneak some veggies to. I've been giving Jessica cow's milk & formula. thats up to you. Maybe ask your family doctor if thats ok to give him cow's milk.
You can e-mail me if you want [email protected] if you need to talk about anything. I'm here to help if possible.
I have twin girls that are the exact way in regards to not eating lumpy food. I for the life of me cannot get either of them to chew their food. It is literally driving me insane the amount of food I'm having mouli **SP** is getting bad as I have a 3 year old with an eating disorder as well. The 3 year old will NOT eat food what so ever unless spoon fed, hand fed etc.. He’s on the waiting list for a specialist but currently I'm getting very worn out with all this. I feel like my whole life is kitchen duties hehehe. I have rung Plunket and am told by my Plunket nurse not to worry about it. Hmm easier said than done right? I'd love for my girls to be able to eat lumpy foods but they GAG and CHOKE and carry on to the point they actually THROW UP gasp( so if any one else out there has any more suggestions please let me know too as I'm getting very desperate. I give them a bit of toast every morning after their cereal and on that toast they are choking and carrying on some days are better but they still can not manage even a simple bit of toast. I've tried smooth foods such as little bits of bananas and that too has the same effect. Anything the size of a half sized pea will have them choking **I'm starting to wonder if this is normal?** Well I am off. Thanks for listening and have a great night everyone gasp)

Michelle mum of 4

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