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I think I'm over feeding!!!!! Lock Rss

I'm not sure if I'm over feeding my nearly 5 month son. He is on routine, starts from about 6.30 am and has formula every 3hrs until 6.30pm then sleeps through the night.I was giving him 200mls x 5, but aas I have previously posted, my GP told me this is too much. I then started to try stretching his bottles to 4 hours. This did not work. I'm also giving him half a tin of fruit or vegies three times a day. And now, he his drinking 250mls of formula as well. So, now he his getting:
6.30 250mls of formula
9.30 250mls formula + 1/2 tin fruit
12.30 250mls of formual + 1/2 tin fruit
3.30 250mls of formula
6.30 250mls of formual + 1/2 tin vegies
Am I overfeeding him?????? My son weighs 7.26kg (19weeks old) and sleeps great. Looks a bit chubby, but very CUTE!
worried mum!!

karlie. 15month old two foot terror!!

Hi Karlie
My bubbie is about the same age as yours and his diet is almost identical to your bubbie so I wouldnt worry at all! I know what your GP said, and I saw your query last time you wrote in, but I seriously wouldnt worry. Your bubbie must be very happy and healthy and that is the most important thing. Plus with the weather getting warmer it is usual for them to drink a little more. My son is 10kgs at 5.5months - so he really is chubby and cute - so I say keep doing what your doing as long as your bub is happy. Each bub is different, my best friends bub who was born 10 days after mine eats about half of what my boy does, but that is what works for them, and I do what works for me.
Take care and dont worry - if nothing else you have comfort in knowing that my bub is just like yours.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

it sounds fine to me but if you are worried try dropping that 12:30 bottle just give the fruit?


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I think that people should not be so harsh to first time mums, all we do is follow our instints and go by what our babys need/want...

My son(william) is 8 months old and he eats alot, but he is very active... This is and average days feeding:

between 5am and 7am gets up for breaky, 60 to 100mls bottle(formula)
30mins after bottle he has 1-2 weetbix, normal milk. 45 min nap
about 11-11:30 lunch 170grams jar + 110gram jar of furit or custard + vegeimite on toast, thats mostly for play, but he does eat some. and about 20 mls for apple juice.
1:30 -2 100mls of formula 1 1/2- 2hour sleep
5pm dinner 170gram jar baby food and either 1/2 mashed banna or ice cream. (depends on his teething)
7:30 - 8pm 175mls of bottle that is 1 weetbix and normal milk....
midnight 175 mls of bottle that is 1 weetbix and normal milk....

then we start again... this is his teething routine... he has been teething for about 2 months now... now we have his 2 eye teeth coming down together... OMG i hope it ends soon...

My son weights 9kg+ kilos... i need to weigh him again, but he is alseep now...

Just think yourself lucky that your baby eats and your not worring if they have had enough to eat...

good luck mums... kate

kate nsw, 8mth boy

My daughter is only 17 weeks old and already weighs over 7kgs(also very chubby and cute), my hubby worries that we overfeed her, we go for four month needles on friday so i will check. She only has 230mls of formula 4 times a day(4 hrly) and sleeps 12 hrs straight a night she really is a dream baby. She is my second and i have to say it doesn't get easier I still have the same concerns and doubts i had with my older daughter(for all the mums who hope its gonna be easier with the second, it won't be, sorry, but it is easier to deal with the issues). I agree that if you baby didn't want or need the food, he wouldn't eat it.

Tanya, mum of Lily 08/12/03 & Hana 26/07/05

My son is five months also. He weighs 6.2 kg which is a little small for his age.
He sleeps right through to from 6.30 to 6.30pm.
The only difference is my son is on two to three hourly feeds.
My advice would be not to feed him at set times but let him tell you when he wonts it. He sleeps right through so your lucky in that respect.
But if he is drinking all that he must wont it.I used to express and when he had enough he would come off and there would be milk left. I have found that every second feed is not half as long.He justs wonts top ups.I dont think you need to worry.!!!
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