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Gagging on finger foods Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just wondering does anyone's baby gag on finger foods, then has a vomit if they don't swallow it. How do you overcome this? Antonio seems to gag on toast, biscuits etc.

Many thanks

Mary, NSW, mother of two

My son is 8 1/2 months old and he gags really easily too. There are times when he vomits everything he's eaten. Have you tried soft pieces of fruit? I gave my son some really ripe pear yesterday and was ok with it even with the skin on. He gagged a little bit but it wasn't too bad - he didn't vomit. I find he handles banana ok as well. I've been really worried as all the other babies the same age can eat almost anything. I asked my child health nurse about it last week and she said it's really important for them to have finger food at this age and just keep persisting and they will get used to it. It's so frightening when they start turning purple though isn't it? Hope this helps.

Thanks Jasmine,

It sounds like we have two the same. It's okay for the nurse to say keep persisting, but it's hard when they've had a good solids feed, then they vomit from gagging...I mean, what do you do, feed them again?

Antonio loves mashed banana with that gel fruit mixed together, or the baby yoghurt. But biscuits or bread and the eyes will be rolling and the tongue sticking out ready for evacutation.

Mary, NSW, mother of two

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