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help please 10 month old hates everything but loves pureed fruit.. Lock Rss

hi ladies, i know this might sound silly.
i cant seem to get my son to eat anything eg. meat bread pasta. And i am really struggling as i am back to work and work nights nand get bubs meals ready for daddy.
He wont eat pumkin and potato or any veges.
i just dont know were to start. still loves baby ceral and will eat all this. i sometimes think maybe to give to him for dinner cause not sure what else to give.
He wont eat our foods just puts it on tongue and spits out.
Any ideas will be the bigest help
Thanks for listening to me vent.
Have you tried mixing the vegies with the baby cereal? It can take the overwhelming taste of the vegies away, and depending on the consitency can taste more like the cereal (just add alot of water so it's not to gluggy)

what a cheeky bubba! i can only suggest mixing fruit and vegies, eg DD likes eating pears or apples with carrots. i also mix the vegies with cereal or rice - might be worth a try. Also, i put formula in with cereal or vegies.
Um i haven't tried DD on meat or pasta yet so not sure what to suggest that you could do with that - do you puree it too? is it the consistency bubs is objecting to?

DD born 17/08/2007

my sister used to mix her daughters pureed fruit into vanilla yoghurt to get her to eat it. have you tried using a chees or white sauce with vegies? or i have just nocticed my DD(21 months) will only eats her vegies if i mix them into an alfredo pasta mix. but i also mix pureed fruit into their cerials. it gives it a bit more taste.
I agree with the other Mums as I had a lot of luck introducing fruit and veg by first mixing it with rice cereal and my DS's formula so its creamy but with that milky taste he liked. I then slowly stopped adding as much milk until he got used to the vegetable taste.
Good luck!

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