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Should I start solids? Lock Rss

I have a 4 month old boy who weighs 9kg and is 75cm long; a "big" boy! I have exclusively breastfed him from birth, and everything has been going great, until recently. He had been sleeping through the night for the last 2 months, but has recently started waking at ~3-4am and is really hungry! I was wanting some advice on whether I should introduce solids now. Was planning on giving him some rice cereal until I read all the discussion on starting solids, and am now really confused! I know WHO recommends waiting unitl 6 months before introducing solids, but my baby seems to be not satisfied with my breastmilk anymore. Help!
Hi Jacsam,
I know that most ppl who will reply to your post will tell you to wait until 6 months and normally I would agree, however I really believe that you have to listen to your babies cues as well. If you little boy has started demanding feeds more regularly, stopped sleeping through the night, has doubled in birth weight and has good head control you might have a baby who might be interested in starting solids.
Plus if you try him on a little rice cereal mixed with breastmilk and he doesn't seem interested (or continually pushes it all out due to the tongue reflex if still present) then you know to proceed or not smile
I started my little boy at 4 and half months due to such cues and he couldn't have been happier. He's now over six months and has had no bad reactions to any foods and is one very contented boy.

Good luck smile

I have an almost 4 month old also, and I have just started her on solids. I started with the baby cereal with formula (I bottle feed these days), and after about 3 days introduced pear (only about 1 tsp with the rice). I did this for about a week, and I have just started vege's - so far carrot seems to be the best to start with. I have only been feeding solids for about 2 weeks, but she has veges at about 11-12 (with cereal always), and apple and mango with cereal at 5-6. I find that I feed her most of her milk feed, then give her as much solids as she likes (its really not that much - about 1 tsp at this stage) and then I give her the remander of her bottle. This is working really well so far, and she is not acting hungry and is lasting at least 4 hours between each feed (whereas before she was hungry before 3 hours). Hope this helps a little. Good luck!


I started my son on solids at 4 months because of this reason and he wasn't interested in the bottle but I could tell he was hungry. So gave him some rice cereal and apples and loved it, he was quite happy with just one meal a day until about 2 weeks ago when these symptoms came back, now he has the cereal in the morning about half an hour to an hour after a bottle, then about 2tbs of pumpkin and sweet potato done in the blender at about 4.30pm/5pm depending onwhats going on that afternoon. Now he is quite content. For now, he will be 6 months next week now I'll just wait and see when he wants lunch.LOL. When I told the lady at the clinic she said its just recommended starting 6 months because obesity in children, diabetes, and allergies, but I think if you introduce them gradually you shouldn't have a problem. You will just have a little boy who is very happy because he is full. ok good luck

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My ds (just 6 months) was a bit like this.. .he is big too (although not as big has your ds!), and was sleeping through (12hrs) from about 16wks. He's also been exclusively breast fed. Then at about 5 months, things got a bit funny for a week or two, and he woke in the night for a feed a few times. (Also seemed hungrier during the day). However, he came right a while later, and is back to his normal self. He has just started solids now at 6 months, and I'm glad I waited. Might have been a growth spurt, or a reaction to his 5 month jabs... or something else... who knows?!

[Edited on 22/02/2008]

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It could be a growth spurt, routines change all the time with babies, just because they've slept through sadly doesnt mean they'll continue to from here on in... growth spurts, extra feeding, developmental leaps, separation anxiety, teething... there's plenty going on to keep things changing all the time.

My mum pressured me to introduce solids before six months telling me Ava was hungry and it would make her sleep through, well when I did start at 5.5 months it made NO difference to her sleeping at all.

Each bub is different but waking for feeds when previously slept through doesnt equate to him needing solids when it could well be a growth spurt so he just needs more milk.

But hey I'm no expert this is just my two cents smile
I have not read any other threads in this section so im not sure what ppl are saying about when to start solids but i started my DD at 3 months on puree fruit and farex because she was hungry and the bottle wasn't satisfying her.
If your baby isn't ready he will gag and spit his food out etc. Like someone else said, take the cues from your baby. Ild definantly give it a go though because to me it sounds like he is hungry and it might help him sleep.
i feel so relieved reading these posts i have started DD on solids she is only 3 months but so many people have suggested it due to her eating habbits! if her digestive system starts to play up i will stop immediatly but she seems content so hopefully i can get some sleep!
All babies are different just like all adults are.
I am waiting for my boys cues but I will introduce solids before 6 months if I think he needs them.
According to my plunket book (I'm 29) I was on breastmilk, cowsmilk, formula, orange juice, rose tip oil, apples and pears at 6 weeks! That is a lot for a little bubas tummy to cope with but I turned out fine!

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