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My 5.5 motnh old son is badly constipated....Poor bub! He is on solids (farex, apple, pear and a few veges) and I have tried giving him water and a little prune juice in the solids, but it is just not working. His poos are hard and he cries every time he is doing is terrible. He is breastfeed as well.......Does anybody have any suggestions.....

Thanks in advance

You can try giving him 20-30mls of cooled boiled water once a day, with the introduction of solids they need to drink water.

Farex causes constipation in some bubs, maybe that's the problem so try a few days without it and see how he goes.
Hmm. i know you have tried prune juice, but what about prune puree - no idea whether it will work better than the juice but i made up my own puree when DD starts doing "poo pats" as i call them, as opposed to poo plastecine...i give her a few table spoons of prune puree and that gets things moving.
Basically i bought a packet of prunes (pitted) soak them in hot water for 15 minutes, then put them in cold water in saucepan, bring them to the boil, then turn heat down and simmer for 15-20 min. Then i scoop out the prunes and whiz them with the stick blender into a puree. I often give them to DD for brekkie with apples and porridge, she likes the taste because they are sweet. Might be worth a try.

DD born 17/08/2007

Farax can cause constipation in some bubs due to the high iron content..

As you are breastfeeding, you need to make sure you have heaps of water yrself thru out the day..If you find you forget to, make it a rule of thumb that you have a glass of water WITH every breastfeed..That way you cant 4

I stopped with the pureed apple for a while as it seemed to make my DS constipated. Yet he has pureed pear every morning in his farax, he loves it, and it seems to keep him regular..

DS1,5yrs,DS2 2.5yrs..I love my beautiful boys!!

my daughter has suffered constipation since she was a week old, i now put coloxyl drops in her bottles and it relieves it, maybe you could put in into bubs farex
My baby girl gets constipated regularily, I have taken to stewing then pureying pitted prunes and putting them in an ice cube tray in the freezer. When she gets constipated I use one cube in her food and it seems to fix her up. there is also I "sugar syrup" you can buy from the chemist which is mild and effective. I forget the name, but I'm sure your pharmacist would know. I have also found that banana's which my bubba loves make her constipated if I give her to many, i often thaw a cube and add it to mashed banana aswell. If you add a cube of prunes to his farex, I think he'll be fine. It seems to take about 24 hours to do the job.
Just had a thought if bubba is only just getting into solids, maybe just half fill the ice cube tray with pureed prunes to make little blocks of frozen prunes, what i originally suggested could be way too much for the little one.

Try all the natural remedies first but if constipation persists, the syrup discussed is called Actilax. I use this twice daily - about 3 mls as my DS has a slightly underactive thyroid and has been constipated from 5 weeks old (now 4 months). This was suggested by the GP.

I would be suprised if the prune puree didn't work though.

hey there
yeah constipation is horrible, i would have to agree with the coloxyl drops, im not a big on on medication but when ya little one is in pain then i dont think it matters. im a nurse and we use the coloxlydrops for adults that are constipated and cant swollow tablets, and it works a treat. its called coloxyl drops for infants and you can get then fron the chemists. it doent work straight away but it does a good job, id keep it up for a few days for it to work properly, it wont do any harm to your bubs, and its great, good luck and hope it sorts out smile
Hi JW,
Try cutting out the farex and just serve the fruit for breakfast as farex can cause constipation. He's also old enough for you to offer him 30mls of cooled boiled water every day to help avoid constipation (my DS would drink the water but only if it was warm). If he doesn't like the taste you could also mix in a little bit of your bm.

A tip i was given was to put 1 teaspoon of brown sugar in 20 mls of water. It has to be brown sugar as the others are too refined. I gave my DS a few lots of this and then hey presto it all came through. And as it's just sugar and water you can give it as frequently as you think you need. As DS got older if he got constipated i just gave him more each time.
[Edited on 14/04/2008]

Prune purree is safe for babies? My DD's poo is like kangaroo poo, little balls and they roll around the nappy.. sad
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