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What are you feeding your 10 month olds Lock Rss

Hi mummas,

My daughter is nearly 10 months old and i'm just wondering what you are feeding them for lunch and dinner. Ella has started to prefer to eat finger food rather than being spoon feed. Also what is the food texture like???

Thanks Ellas mumma
Hi there

Poppy is 10 months old, eats everything although she only has two teeth - an example of her daily meals go like this:

bf 6am
breakfast 8am piece of brown toast, kiwi fruit or orange (in chunks) porridge or egg with broccoli and a bit of cheese etc cooked in the oven.

11.30 Chicken chunks, pumpkin, broccoli and pasta
1pm bf

2.30 - 3 1 piece bread with thin cucumber and cheese or a piece of banana or a yoghurt

4.15 Fish, swede, spinach and rice
6pm bf

I normally cube the veg, steam it and put some on her tray and then spoon feed her some inbetween as lots gets on the floor.

Basically at that age you have to supervise but they can eat anything that is a bit soft (so not cubed raw apple or anything like that)- if you are not sure try pushing it up against the roof of your mouth with your tongue and see if it breaks down. They are amazing really, I felt sure she would choke when I first started trying big pieces such as pasta bows and she shoves 10 in her mouth until theres no more room. A nurse I know said I was being too stressy and I havent looked back! Once they get into it they want to chew everything.

Its really good for them and its lovely to watch smile
good luck

Vivienne, Mooloolaba

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