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How do i start him on solids! Lock Rss



i have a 5 mth old boy and although they now suggest waiting till 6 mths before intoducing your baby to solids, i have decided he is now ready and i want to start! But... i have a problem!... i dont have a clue on how to do this! i have read so much on how to do it that my head is throbbing from the frustration and confusion over the best way to do it!

i was hoping that i could get some of you mums who have already done this (and survived it!) to write down a step-by-step guide on how you did it and what you fed your little bundles of joy!

I know that im taking the easy way out but I just cant think straight anymore so your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

ok this is what i did.

first couple of days:

Rice cereal with some pureed fruit in it, about 6 baby spoons full.

hint: my babies both screwed there faces up at first but i was persistant and they love it now, so dont think they wont like it, they are just not use to it!

I fed them at different times of the day just to see how they would go.

After a couple of days i gave a little bit of mashed potato in the afternoon and rice cereal with fruit in the morning.

I go by the 3 day rule, try something for 3 days then try something new so if they have a reaction you know what has caused it.

after the first week and this is what i do know:

rice cereal with pureed fruit eg, pears apples mango etc, i buy the tins because i cant be bothered purrrrring fruit and dont think there would be much of a difference.
They have this at about 8.30ish i guess it depends on your routine but for me this about an hour after first morning bottle.

in the after noon i give them vegies
i steam my own because i find the tin stuff to be really watery however i have tins in case of emergency.
they have tried: potato sweet potato carrot pumkin and broccoli, not sure what i am going to try next, but they love it!

Good luck with starting solids if you have any question ask away as i hqve only just started too and i didnt have a clue myself at the start.

Mum to Taniesha & Braydon born on the 8th June 05

Hi Lizz

here's what i did so i hope this helps.

First 7 days feed only rice cereal (particularly since he isn't 6 months yet, ie. i wouldn't be adding fruit to it at this stage as shellytwins above recommended). I bought the Heinz rice cereal (blue / white pack) adn just follow the amounts as listed on the side of the pack. Thats it, nothing else, unless you want to give your little one 1 -2 tabs of it at night towards the end of the week.

In the second week i'd introduce veges. I started with some pureed potato (i chop 2 small potatoes and microwave wiht a couple of tabs of water for 2 minutes, checkto see if they're really soft, if not, another minute or so but make sure there's some water in there, then puree in a blender). Cool and serve 1 or 2 tabs for dinner (no lunch yet). Freeze all pureed veges in icecubes (about 1 tab per cube) Keep feeding the rice cereal in teh morning.

After 2 days of potato, try pumpkin, then sweet potato, then broccoli (although Olivia hated broccoli on it own), carrot and cook them the same way as above. If your baby is happy iwth the individual tastes, begin combining them, eg defrost a potato cube and a pumpkin cube and swirl together.

Towards the end of the second week add pureed fruit to the morning rice cereal. I found peeled, cored, chopped pear, or apple were great (micorwave for 2 minutes and blend) then add 1 -2 tabs to the cereal. I also found that Olivia LOVED pureed apricot (100g dried apricots in a saucepan with 1.5 cups of water, simmered for 20minutes, then blend).

In the third week i introduced lunch, which was 1-2 tabs of yoghurt with some fruit puree. Also try 1 -2 tabs of full fat ricotta, smoothed down with a tab or so of water (swirl iwth a fork) then add some fruit puree.

When you finish your rice cereal packet, start offering 1/2, then 1/3, then 3/4 of aweetbix with a few tabs of water to soften then add some pureed fruit.

Then start on fish / meat / chicken when she's 6 months. If you'd like more advice on that let me know
Good luck

Susan, Sydney, 12/4/05 baby

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