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sippy cups Lock Rss

my son is 6months, ive tried him on asippy cup and he cant quite sip it, he chews down on the end of it,
i k now he's only 6months but when should they start drinking out of a sippy cup, he's a good bottle drinker.
any idea's, from jackie
Hi Jackie,

What sort of sippy cup have you got?? If it is one with a non-spill valve in it take that out and try it without it. Once he gets the idea that water comes out and he starts to suck for it. (that can take awhile) you can put it back in. I tried a lot of cups but i found that the avent one or the Tommie Tippee nuby(looks more like a bottle and is about 7 dollars at safeway or kmart). The nuby one doesn't have a non-spil valve but it doesn't leak. Once bubba bites it or sucks water comes out.

It took a good month for my daughter to finally work it out and now she loves water.

Good luck
I have been giving my DD the Avent Magic Cup since 5 months old. She chews on it a lot but in the last two weeks has started sucking more and chewing less. When I give it to her I make a sucking movement/sound with my mouth. She copies most of my body language now so when I do it, she copies. It worked really well - but could all be co-incidence - you never really know. I never used bottles so I am not sure if that might make things a bit harder for you. Might be worth trying a few different cup styles - although they are expensive.

Best of luck

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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