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teeth and solids? Lock Rss

my 10 month old son has no teeth and no look of them coming through any time soon, i was wondering do i still feed him 9 month old baby food or should i stay with the puree'd food until he has teeth. The only concern really is that when he goes to eat his food he can't properly eat it as the lumps are too big and he has trouble breaking them down.

jayden, qld, 1 yr boy

hi mamma bear, i had huge problems with my son and teeth (9 months and 6 teeth) because he wouldn't eat lumpy foods while teething but needed something to chew on, so I mixed pureed with lumpy to give it some consistency and found that it worked. U could probably try something similar adding small amounts of lumps to pureed to get him used to it. also offer him finger foods, my son loves rockmelon which is soft enough to be mashed between gums and sandwhiches with no crust. hope it helps.

Kimberly, QLD

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