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Can anyone recommend a good book on baby food? Lock Rss

Hi all

Can anyone recommend a good book on baby food? In particular I would like it to cover when to introduce different foods ie. nitrates & allergies. It would also need to have baby food recipes too [easy ones] lol

thanks heaps

Kerry, WA

Hi kerry,

Take a look at ...

Breast, Bottle, Bowl (The best fed baby book)
Author Anne Hillis & Penelope Stone

It has ages (in months) on when to introduce foods in food group category and how to cook it at each age, it also has recipes and a section with all sorts of info including nitrates and allergies an even hints on how to get a fussy baby to eat etc.

I paid about $24 and it's been open on the lounge since Chelsea turned 6mths old!!

Sandra smile
Australian womens weekly cookbook

Babies & toddlers good food

$12 got it from my newsagent

Bianca, Emily 7/11/03 Jess 24/3/05 Thomas 12/6/07

Hi Kerry

I've got the Robyn Barker Babies & Toddler foods. I found this book great as it has a guide as to what foods are to be introduced at what age aswell as a menu guide for that age group. It cost $30. I know there are 2 Robyn Barker baby food books - I got the glossy one.

Hope this helps.

I can't recommend a book, but the internet is great, just go to google and type in baby food or what ever it is you are looking for and it will come up with different sites on information about baby food and also great recipes.

Ann-Marie Qld 4 month baby boy

Hi Kerry
Any book that you can find by Annabel Karmel is a god send! She has great recipes - the combinations of foods that she puts together may seem weird, but my little tackers loved everything I put in front of them.

Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

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